5 Ways to Stick Out of the Temp Pool

stick out from crowdHave you ever gone to a pet store to buy a puppy, hamster, bird or any other pet?  If you have, you may have come to a cage with 5 potential pets that look identical.  They are all adorable and you are sure that any one of them will make an adorable pet.  You don’t know anything else about them besides the type of animal that they are and what they look like.  You may play a game of eeny meeny miny moe to figure out which one to take home unless one of them makes you choose them.  It could be a puppy that comes close to you or licks your palm or a hamster that does a cute little trick that takes your heart but aside from that, they all look the same.

When applying for a temp job, most people make the mistake of trying to look like everyone else.  They have the same education, same job experience, same one page resume with the same key words and accomplishments.  You need to differentiate yourself from the pack any way you can.   This goes for temp jobs, full time jobs and careers.

Here are some ways for a temp worker to get noticed:

1. Shock the hiring agent

Put something down on your resume or job seeker profile that will make the hiring agent do a double take (did he really do that?).

2. Add some humor

Hiring agents have to dig through many identical resumes or profiles while searching for the right candidate.  It can be a pretty boring activity.  I know, I used to do it. If you can make the employer laugh or at least smile, you’ve increased your chances.

3. Make the hiring agent curious

Have you traveled down the path less traveled?  Refer to your path in a way that the employer will be curious to learn more.

4. Add a picture

This should be obvious but adding a picture can can add a personal element to your profile that can jump out at the employer.  Just don’t add a picture that will scare people off.  A nice head shot with a smile will do.

5. Create a social resume

Even if you are going the old fashioned route and sending in a traditional resume, you can still have a link on it to a social profile with all the additional material the employer may be curious about.  See my Social Media resume to get an idea.

Not all of these or maybe any will work for every employer but it will increase your chances of finding a position.

Do you have any more ideas of how to stick out when looking for work?  Have you been successful?  Share your stories in the comments.

Photo Credit: lumaxart