Are You Part of the 99%? No, I’m Not Talking About Occupy Wall Street

Why did you go to school? To get a degree?  Why did you want a degree?  To get a job?  Why did you want a job?  To make money? Why did you want to make money?

I can keep going and I am sure that you can keep answering what seem like a pointless stream of questions but there is a point.  99% of people asked these questions will come to the same conclusion and I am betting that you are one of them.  Take the test, start answering the questions above and answer the questions with your own answers.  When you come up with an answer, ask yourself why and keep going until you have no more answers.   Now, the questions should keep on going for a few more rounds but if they didn’t, you might say that the answers are all the same answers we are fed from our parents who gave us the age old advice to “go to school, get a degree, get a job” and so on.  If that was the case I’m not sure we would come to the same conclusions.  At a certain point in the string of questions, we have to think because the answers are not prepared for us in our heads.  That is the point that I want you to get to…

I’m just stalling a little so you can do this mini experiment and come up with your own final answer.


Happiness: Are you part of the 99%?


Was your final answer “HAPPINESS”?  If you push a little and pull some teeth, most people come to that conclusion and I hope you did as well.  If that’s the case though, shouldn’t there be an easier way to get there instead of going through the whole list of questions or in real life, the years of hard work?  I’m not talking about the “rock star get your next fix” form of happiness, I’m talking about real happiness that lasts and lets you wake up each morning with a smile.

There is a famous story  about a Mexican fisherman who meets a businessman visiting Mexico on vacation.   The gist of the story is that the businessman being relaxed on vacation, feels generous and wants to help the Mexican fisherman out.  He asks the Fisherman what he does with his time and the fisherman answers “I fish for two hours, sell the fish in the market, go home for siesta with my wife, play with my children and then in the evenings, I play music with my friends”.  Getting excited, the businessman tells him that he can fish for an extra two hours, catch more fish, make more money and then buy a second boat, hire an employee to fish with him and then make even more money.  Similar to the “why” we asked above, the fisherman asked “and then what?”.  Getting even more excited, the businessman said that he can keep on going fishing longer hours, making more money, hiring more employees and so on.  After a few more “and then whats”, the businessman told the fisherman that he could start importing the fish to the United States and build a huge empire across the border.  He could then become a millionaire or even a billionaire.  The fisherman finally came to his final “and then what?” when the businessman half in shock that the fisherman wasn’t impressed, told him, “then you can retire, go fishing, take a siesta with your wife, play with your children and hang out with your friends”.

I’m pretty sure you get the point of the story but many of us are doing the same thing in our own lives.  We are looking to grow and increase everything not really paying attention to our ultimate goal.  It’s as if we can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way.  It is very easy to get lost in the details along the way.

Temp work gives you the ability and flexibility to really take your priorities and ultimate goals into account.  If happiness to you means finding a job that you love, temp work can help you find that.  If it means having many temp jobs doing what you love, you can do that too as a temp worker.  If you want to create a lifestyle design around the non work related things outside of your career, temp work can help with that as well.  Do yourself a favor and if you didn’t ask yourself the questions at the beginning of this post, ask them to yourself now and then be true to yourself.

How many questions did you ask yourself?  Are you part of the 99% or the 1%? 

Full disclosure, I have no idea what the percentage is but whether it is 99% or 1% or anything in between, the point of this post is to get you to think about what you truly want.  There have been many studies done on happiness and people who want to be happy are a lot closer to the 99% number.