From Temp Job to AWESOME in 3 Easy Steps

Have you heard the news?  Companies are no longer loyal to their employees.  Some of them might pretend they are and some of them may offer perks and benefits that make them think that they are loyal but at the end of the day, they are just looking out for themselves.  If that’s the case, (and even if it isn’t,) so should you.

Companies all work for the bottom line, they want to make money and if they have them, make shareholders happy.  If that means laying off a few thousand people, that’s what they will do.  You as a temp or a worker should also work for your personal bottom line and your shareholders (family).   If that means keeping on the lookout for a better job all the time, so be it.  The fun part though is that a personal bottom line doesn’t have to be all about the money.  A personal bottom line includes lifestyle, entertainment, enjoyment and overall quality of life. 

Macy’s has 167,000 employees during the year and this year announced that they will be hiring 78,000 more temp workers to help out with the holiday season.  They state that if you are a good temp worker they will keep you on full time after the holiday season is over.  Unless sales skyrocket and stay that way, Macy’s can’t afford to keep tons of the temp workers, unless they use them to replace some of the 167,000 that haven’t been trying as hard to keep their jobs.

I’m not saying that Macy’s is evil because they are not.  They are like any other company that wants the best for themselves.  What I am saying is that there are several lessons that you can take away from this.

  1. When you have a job, be awesome at it – Never feel secure in a job because you can lose it in a second.  Work hard all the time and do the absolute best job that you can.  That way, you are helping the company succeed but more importantly, you are helping yourself succeed by building your skills, increasing your stamina and making yourself more attractive to all the better jobs out there.
  2. When you don’t have a job, take a temp job – We see from here that temp jobs really can get your foot in the door.  Then you have to be awesome to prove to the company that you are worth keeping on full time and changing the temp worker status to full time employee status.  Once you are there, go back to number one.
  3. When you have a job and you are being awesome at it, look for a better jobPeople with jobs are always more attractive to other companies than people without jobs.  Most companies would rather hire someone just graduating college than someone who graduated a month ago or more.  Most companies would also rather hire from the competition than hire someone who is unemployed.   If you find a better job, go back to number one.
Pic Credit: moonlightbulb