How to be a Genius: You Already Are One

How to be a genius: Albert EinsteinYou are an absolute genius! The problem is that you just don’t know that you are a genius.  Too many people go through life without figuring out their genius and waste too much time.  People ask the question “how can I be a genius?” without realizing it’s not “how to be a genius”, it’s “how to find my genius”.  Here are the two most common reasons that you haven’t figured out that you are a genius yet.

You’re Doing the Wrong Things

Albert Einstein said that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.  You may feel stupid because you are doing the wrong things.  We live is a society where conformity is rewarded.  The problem is that we are all individuals and we should not conform.  The geniuses we recognize are the people who are talented in the roles that we are all being told to follow.  One of the most common pieces of advice we are given is “go to school”,  “get good grades”, “go to a good college”, “get a degree” and so on.  If that is the case, the people who do the best in school, go to the best colleges and get the most degrees are geniuses in our eyes.  But what about all the other geniuses?  The talented artists, cartoonists, writers, athletes, mechanics, actors, singers and even parents (yes, you can be a genius at parenting).

Everyone is a genius, we just have to figure out what we are a genius at and then take advantage of it.

You’re Doing the Right Things

Most geniuses wouldn’t classify themselves as geniuses but they would quicker classify others as idiots.  It’s interesting  how everybody thinks what they know is common knowledge and if anyone doesn’t know what they know, they are behind the eight ball.  Back to the example of conformity and following the common advice of going to school, getting good grades, etc…, the people who excel at school just think they are average and doing what they are supposed to be doing, not realizing that they are geniuses and what they are doing is not so easy for everybody.

It’s an even bigger phenomenon in the age of information overload where everyone is consuming massive amounts of information and increasing their knowledge on certain subjects.  People assume that they hang out or associate themselves with people who have similar interests.   Therefore if they learned something new, they assume that everyone just learned the same thing and whatever they learned is not worth sharing because it is now either common knowledge or completely obvious.

To realize your genius, you have to realize that you are smarter than someone.  In fact, you are smarter than many people or better at a task than most people.  You just have to find your talent and realize that you are a genius.

Temp work is a great way to try different things out and figure out what type of genius you are.  As a temp worker, you can work in different industries and do different jobs but you can also take breaks and try out things that you’ve always wanted to try.  You never know what you will find out about yourself.