Keep That First Day of Work Feeling

Kid at School Wishing for a Temp Work VacationI remember as a kid that we used to speak about how we didn’t like school or that we didn’t want to go and I can remember countless days where I acted sick so that I could stay home, but there was one day or group of days that I always looked forward to.  It was the first day or week of school.  We would show up with all of our brand new school supplies, get our new desk or locker that we’d be using for the rest of the year and meet our teachers.  We were full of hope and determination that this was going to be a great year.  On the first day of school, we didn’t really ever learn anything that would count for grades, we would just spend some time familiarizing ourselves with how this new school year was going to work.

On those days that I did end up being “sick” (I had a great doctor who always said I had an ear infection, even when I was faking), I would have a great time staying home and watching TV but I would dread going back to school because I would have to catch up on all of the work that I missed.

Fast forward a couple of decades when school is over and you have joined the real world.  If you are a full time worker with a full time job, you’re back in the same situation as you were when you were a kid in school.  The first day of a new job can be really exciting and you spend your time figuring things out and getting used to the new surroundings.  As time goes on, the surroundings become familiar and then too familiar.  Whether you love your job or not, you will probably need to take a sick day and will probably want to take a vacation.  Just like a kid in grade school, you can enjoy your time off but you may dread going back to work since you know about how much work is probably waiting for you when you get back.  When you do get back to the office, you spend your first day just trying to figure out what you missed and then starting to put the wheels in motion to catch up on all of the work you missed.

The Beauty of a Temp Job

The beauty of a temp job is that you don’t really have to worry about missing anything during sick days and vacations because you are moving around from job to job anyway.  You may have a sick day or two during a temp job but what you will miss as a temp may not compare to what a full time worker will miss.  Vacations are even better.  As a temp worker, you can take a mini (or not so mini) vacation between every temp assignment if you want to.  When you finish your vacation, there is no catching up to do because you’ll just be starting a new temp assignment from scratch anyway.

Temp Worker Vacations

Temp worker vacations are great because you can have as many of them as you want between temp jobs.  If a temp assignment is really tough and takes a lot out of you, you can take a couple of days off before starting your next assignment and nobody is going to stop you.

How did you feel about going back to school and how do you feel about a first day at work?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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