The Difference Between a Permanent Position and a Temp Position is Just a State of Mind

Temporary work is no longer just menial tasks that need to get done around the office.  Today many professionals choose to work as temps including lawyers, accountants, marketers and people from pretty much every other profession.  Times are changing and both workers and employers are looking for more flexibility.  The workers like the flexibility of making their own schedules and working in different environments while the employers can temporarily bulk up their work force during busier times and try workers out without any commitment.

Is there really a commitment?

When a company hires a worker, is there really a commitment? Is the company committing to be loyal to the worker and keep him until his retirement?  Are they committing to take care of this employee through the good times and the bad?  We all know this is not the case and hasn’t been for decades.  When permanent employees are hired, they sign a contract but they don’t really make any commitment to the company and will leave as soon as a better offer comes along.   In short, there is no real commitment on either end of any permanent working relationship.

Temp workers at least know when their job expires

Any employee can be let go at any time but temporary workers have an exact date of when their time at the company is up.  If they do a good job, the company likes them and they enjoy the work, they can often stay on longer but they have a more realistic view of the working relationship.  The point is that a temp knows when his job is done and can plan accordingly while a permanent worker cannot.

Permanent employees have to sneak around while temps can be out in the open

If a permanent worker wants to change jobs or look for new opportunities, they have to be pretty secretive about it.  They can’t announce that they are looking for a new opportunity because chances are, they’ll get fired before they find anything to replace their job.  They have to be extremely careful about who they speak to and where they apply.  They can’t use any of their social networks to help their search because all of that is open and there is a good chance that someone in their company will see it.

Temporary worker have an end date and don’t have to worry about who knows.  They can use their entire networks, social networks and even people within their company, including their boss for help finding their next position.

To sum it up, any position, even permanent positions are temporary.  The only difference is the state of mind, which gives temporary workers a leg up and a lot more freedom.

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Picture Credit: Brooks Elliott