Tim Sackett, SPHR gives us more Tips for Temps

Continuing on with Temphunt‘s “Tips for Temps” Series, we bring you the HR/Recruiting Superhero, Tim Sackett.  Tim has been in the HR/Recruiting field for over 18 years and has not only seen almost everything, he has also blogged about it.  He spent half his career in Human Resources and half in Recruiting.  In each of these fields he also divided his time between the HR vendor community and Corporate America.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tim on Twitter and then in person at SHRM in Las Vegas.


Some key points from Tim’s Tip:

  • Go into any job and act like it’s yours
  • Be part of the team
  • Get involved with as much as you can
  • Network with the individuals at the company
  • Create value with everything you do.  If you create value, the company is going to find a way to keep you on long term.

Go in there, prove yourself and show what you can do and everything else will take care of itself.