Why a Temp Job is a Great Idea for a Job Hunter

Below is a excerpt of a guest post of mine that was published today on Lavie Margolin’s Lion Cub Job Search blog about why getting a temp job is a great idea for job hunters.

Let me tell you about “Average Joe”.  Average Joe lives in New York City and has a job earning him $50,000 per year, which coincidentally is just about the average salary in New York City.  About six months ago, Average Joe was let go from his position due to downsizing and current economic conditions.  He has been avidly looking for a new job that will pay about the same salary as he was used to since his lifestyle depended on that income.  Over the last few months, Joe has been living off his savings that he so carefully collected throughout his working years but his savings have been running pretty low.

Recently, out of desperation, Joe began to calculate how much money he really needs to live on and how much money he lost by not working over the last six months…

For the calculations and the rest of this post, visit Lavie’s Blog.

Picture Credit: Leonid Mamchenkov