You Need a Second Job: 5 Reasons to Moonlight

You have a full time job or regular temp jobs and you are pretty happy about it, so why should you ever consider moonlighting?  Moonlighting for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term refers to taking a second job, usually at night time.  At first, the very thought of taking a second job would seem ridiculous but there are some major benefits that you should consider before blowing off the idea.

Make More Money – Money isn’t everything but it sure helps in this terrible economy where inflation and the cost of living keep going up and salaries are not always matching the growth.  If you need the money to make ends meet, it’s a no-brainer to do whatever it takes to make sure those ends meet.  If you don’t need the money to make ends meet, it’s always nice to build up some savings which can be put towards gift for yourself that you’ve always wants, a vacation, a new car or to pay off all of your debt.

Get Some More Experience – If you’ve ever worked out your body to get into shape, you know that when you work on the same muscles for too long, you stop seeing results.  You need to change up your exercises and alternate which muscles you are working on to get the best results.  The same with a job.  Even when your job description is identical in two different companies, chances are that you will be doing things at least slightly differently in each position.  By taking on a second job at a different company, it will be as if you are alternating your workouts and muscles and will give you better overall experience.

Even though it is a very competitive market out there, specialists are always in demand.  By increasing not only your experience but your range of experience and skills, you are increasing your desirability for future jobs at other companies.

Build New Skills – While it is great to specialize, new skills can open up new doors. a new skill might even lead you to a whole new career. I transitioned to an internet worker because nobody at one of my old companies knew how to set up an email address for me on my first day and I had to figure out how to do it on my own. After that, I was hooked and started teaching myself everything that I needed to know about the internet (with the help of Google).

Change of Atmosphere – A change of atmosphere is very healthy and can keep you on your toes. In an earlier post, I spoke about how it is easier to spot new opportunities when you are in unfamiliar territories.  Everybody needs to change their routine every once in a while and getting a second job can help.

Networking OpportunitiesJob loyalty doesn’t exist anymore so you always want to keep the upper hand. by moonlighting and doing a good job, there is a good chance that you will be offered a full time job with the second company. Then you can play your first company against your second and take the best deal. The best deal doesn’t have to be money or benefits, it could just be nice people to work with, a better location, better company culture or just a healthy change.

I’ve also mentioned before and can’t say it enough, networking is crucial!  The more people you get to know and work with, the more opportunities you can open yourself up to.

Have you ever taken a second job?  Tell us about it in the comments.  If you have any other benefits of taking a second job or “moonlighting” let us know in the comments as well.


Pic Credit: Ed Yourdon