Shares Some Tips for Temps

Today we’re really excited about starting the Tips for Temps series of short videos of HR Professionals giving advice and tips to temporary workers.  That means that if you are looking for temp work, you can get firsthand advice from the people that could be hiring you.

The first video is really special since it is of one of the long time recruiters for  I fell in love with Zappos a while ago when I learned about their culture and customer service.  I’ve always been a fan of great customer support and i’m not sure you can beat Zappos at that.  My admiration for Zappos grew stronger when I visited their head office in Las Vegas saw their culture first hand.  I never thought that I would find a company where every single employee that I spoke to loved waking up in the mornings to go to work.   I took a tour of the place and have to give a huge shout out to Rocco for being the most awesome tour guide.

Here is Jacob Palmer of explaining what Zappos looks for when hunting for temp workers.



The number one thing that you want to do is your resume.  Keep your resume, short, sweet and to the point.  Make sure to check those typos. Nothing is worse than a resume that’s filled with typos and errors.

Build a Really Good Network

Social Media is a great way to build your network which is the most popular way.  There are some other things that you may have never thought of such as volunteering for different organizations.  The more you put yourself out there  and meet different people, the more opportunities will come your way.


  • A great article, that does a great job of highlighting the advantages of applying for jobs via a recruitment agency. You’ve highlighted perhaps the most important point, that agencies are there to help you; it’s their job. They have the best resources and experience, and their know-how puts you in the strongest possible position to find employment. This includes temp employment.