Temphunt is Now on Meetup.com

As you may know, Temphunt is more than just a site for companies to find exceptional temporary workers easily, quickly and without hourly premiums and finder’s fees.  One of Temphunt’s goals is to build a community of great people who work as temps and people who are looking to work as temps.  The idea behind this community is that full time workers have a water cooler that they can hang out around on Monday mornings to share stories about their weekends and after work drinks to share with their co-workers after work.  Temps are often moving from job to job and don’t have this luxury.  For this reason, we are creating a community for temps to get together to share stories, hang out and most of all, have fun.

Temphunt recently created a new meetup group on meetup.com for temp workers in the New York City area.  All temps, unemployed individuals and even full time employees that are looking to meet some other great people are welcome to join.  We will be having our first meetup in NYC in about 2 weeks so stay tuned for details.

We’re calling the meetup group “The New York Temp Worker’s Water Cooler” for reasons mentioned above.  We are aiming to be the water cooler alternative for great people to get together for those after work drinks.  Temp work is fun and now temps have a place to share their experiences.

For more information on the group, visit Meetup.com.

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