What’s a Temp?

Group of Temporary WorkersWhen you hear the terms “temp” or “temporary worker”, what probably comes to mind is ‘a mindless high school dropout that is good for doing menial jobs that need to get done around the office but you have no time to do them yourselves such as data entry and cold calling’. When you need a temp, you’ll probably go to a staffing firm or temp agency and ask them to have someone in your office in a couple of days to take care of your menial tasks.  Although you can still go that route and have a temp take care of some of your extra tasks, “Temps” are no longer the stereotypical picture you have in your head.

Today, temps are so much more and you can pretty much find a temp to do anything a full time worker can do. Here are some examples:


Professionals who would like to make their own schedules and work for many different clients.

Experienced professionals that are either retired or close to retiring but still love to stay in the game.

Consultants work for companies on a temporary basis.

Graphic designers often freelance as temps.

Programmers and Developers

Computer programmers and developers are often hired temporarily to provide solutions for the companies which hire them.


Students looking for experience in their chosen fields temp to get the experience that they need to make it once they graduate.

Students interested in working part time during the semester to pay for college or other expenses.

Part Time Workers

Qualified workers interested in working extra jobs part time to prepare for holiday seasons.

Mothers or fathers trying to get back into the workforce part time once their children start school.

Actors, Musicians and Entertainers

Actors, musicians and entertainers can be temps too. Each role they play is a temporary position. They can be hired for anything from office parties to tradeshow exhibits to major roles in media and entertainment.

With the recent recession and the rising unemployment rate, many people look for temporary positions to make ends meet while looking for full time jobs. Others have found that temporary or contract work suits their lifestyles the best. Whatever the reason people chose to temp, temp workers are now skilled, competent and more than qualified for almost any position.

Are you a competent temp? Share your story in the comments.

Picture credit: tomer.gabel.  tomer.gabel has no affiliation with Temphunt.